Crunch of a Mad Hatter


It's as if the illness of sanity was contagious,
Spreading like wildfire through his body; catching fire on the fringes of his heart,
Bright colors uttering his title: but the question arises, what is his name?
"Hatter, Hatter," the voices whisper so kindly, benevolent words they share.
Mumbling in his hysteria, "Where is my Alice?" as his delusional state crests in his voice,
Rising in his eyes is his frantic pain and a memory ascends: Off with her head!
The shill voice of his recollection, screaming, screaming, that never ending ringing,
The Queen of Hearts, but there was no love left; envy and no mercy; abominable,
Off with her head! and oh, he watched, his heart breaking to never again be whole
As her head rolled, her glassy blue eyes staring blankly, he wants to close them,
Run his fingers through her ever-soft hair; to reminisce her silk blue dress on her bare skin,
Retain his memory of her laugh or the way she said good-bye a moment before her neck was severed.
Dreams of the life that was taken from him, but something still haunts him now,
Mercury poisoning, the injection to destroy his mind, "Mad as a hatter," they laughed,
Oh, he'll show them yet! Ravaging through his phantasmal state, "Kill them, Hatter," the colors call.
Barely breathing, running from soldiers, priests, ministers! Fleeing from his homeland,
The hat on his head flailing, catching on the rotten breeze, sticking in his senses as death,
Echoes of hooves on hollow ground, shouting surrounding, approaching faster and faster,
He can feel the horses' vibrating gallop, but he's hiding so cleverly: Catch me, he thinks.
His thoughts jumping from what he left behind to how he'll die; gruesome, disgusting, sad,
Revenge filling his heart, morbid pain searing through his conscious being and into his insanity,
Passing through the trees as easily, silently as the breeze; a ghost, shadow, an invisible vision,
The "White Pawn Phantom" they would someday call him; never again "Mad Hatter",
A hero to the children, his killing desire to end the tyranny, the chaos as it is in his mind!
Free himself from his mercury induced state; sane.


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