That Crumpled Paper Lying There

Look yonder don’t you see?

That crumpled paper lying there,

Discarded without care


In its wrinkled lines and smeared ink

My darkest secrets hidden underneath a tear

Folded up and messy over there.


A multitude of mysteries embedded in its skin,

Broken words sketched as tattoos it’s forced to bear

The lines may fade over time but forever right there.


Wrinkled thoughts the beginning of dermal damage

Because some things are just too dark to share.

Maybe things could change if people would only care.


Years later that paper will still remain,

Still crumpled up and hidden within its own despair,

Trodded on and ridden without its deserving fare.


Words cover paper like scars cover skin,

Once a clean pallet now never to be bare.

However desired life will never be fair.


Some things remain no matter the change

Like the words on that paper lying there

Damned to life in that blue lined lair.








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