Crowning Jewel

Please can I

Just curl up and die?

Who would miss me?

Who would cry?

The pain, it hurts

Way more than it’s worth

But that’s a lie

So I’ll get up and try

I’ll try each day

Despite what you say

And I won’t give up

I haven’t had enough

Though the pain is crippling

And blood is trickling

There’s so much to gain

I will win this game

Of love vs. lust

I’ve earned your trust

But you can’t just leave

And expect me to grieve

Healing takes time

This love was mine

Who made you king?

You stole my wing

How can you fly

With a wing on one side

And how can you soar

When you’re stuck on the floor?

You’re cruel with your words

But two can play that game

Tell me I’m lame

Tell me I’m insane

I’ll prove you wrong

I’ll fix the prong

That holds this jewel

In this one sided duel


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