Crowded Mind of Ours

You’re showing up everywhere nowadays

I’m seeing pieces of you in everything I do

Every breath, every step, every thought

You, you, you

I couldn’t be more infatuated with you

An impossibility, it seems

For anyone to feel this strongly about someone

We’re always in contact, only a few buttons separate us at any time

Even though we’re miles apart

I love you

Every second of every day

I love you


It doesn’t seem that I can escape you

You’re always in my head no matter where I am

And as much as I love your company, physical or not

I like my space

I’d share my last breath if you’d live a second longer

I’d share the very blood in my veins if it bought us more time

But lately my mind’s been crowded

It’s starting to feel like we’re sharing my head

This fucked up little brain of mine

I never want you to leave

And I know I’ll never go

Still, sometimes I wish I was the only one in my head

But is that asking too much?

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