Crow then said Kaw - Kaw...

Once a man asked the crow,
Why I fail all the time,
Crow first laughed, 
Then said Kaw - Kaw... 
In our world, There isn't a word "Fail", 
We crow follow nature's rule, 
That's time, target, distance, action,
And finally patience to act in cool,
Once attempt is failed, try it again,
What you say "Fail", is a lesson for us,
More and more attempts we make, 
More and more Lessons we learn,  
Attempts as boon gift to us.
Crow then said Kaw - Kaw... 
We are Raven close to God, faith in nature.
Don't exploit, but explore for good,
From one tree to another, keep making nest.
Content with what nature serves,
The difference between you and us, 
We live in trees, You cut the trees,
We put stones to raise the water,
You dig too much to finish the water,
We act to live the life, 
You act to finish the life,
Crow then said Kaw - Kaw...
You men are mean, 
Work for no actual need,
Have more and more greedy needs,
Look at us! 
We toil when is need, And for the need,
When needs are met, back to social life,
We don't care what is failure?
What is success? What we care,
When, how much and what we need.
If you follow our philosophy,
There isn't any space for fail,
Crow then said Kaw - Kaw...
Key to live positive life,
Don't run after all the time, 
Be patient, Be content with what you have...
Man was happy saying to crow: 
"You are right, Yes - Yes you are right"
"A lesson is enlightening"
"We have more things in life"
"Life is once, not to waste" 
"Make it ecstatic"
There isn't any word "Fail" in this world...
Keep attempting an advice...
© Sadashivan Nair. All rights reserved


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