Almost there…

Just a little further

With upmost care

Being the conqueror


Eyes of dedication

Like those of a tiger

Move without hesitation

Balancing on the wire


The blood stained blade holds steady

Armor taking blows

As the sword’s swung whenever ready

Going for the gold


The dog with few scraps

Sits alone

Walking very few laps

Never shown with a bone

The boy stays on the lone swing

Watching those he once called friend

To life he tries to cling

Playing with people who are pretend


The writer is one who works hard

Into the night

Laying out all their cards

Never backing down from a fight


As they show their work to the world

People laugh and sneer

Their great work is then hurled

Never given the chance to cheer


The ones who beat me down

Have also built me up

I may have given a frown

But my world never erupt


To shine is not an easy task

Some may say

But the individuals who gave criticism

I thank them to this day


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