The Crisp Runner

Once upon a time, I was born.

Around me were dim, radiant lights and burning steel.

Suddenly, a bright light pierced my eye like a thorn.

Through the pain, I saw a man's leg and a woman's heel.


Out of pure instinct, I ran from hell.

Past the humans and their home, I chanted, I can, I can!

Outside, stood sunflowers and cloud. Fools, they cannot run well!

For freedom and no possession, I yelled, I'm the Gingerbread Man!


Liberation and Liberty was only a swim away. A fox in my way.

He asked to help and I agreed hastily. There were animals that surrounded.

The fox helped but I felt a burden, if he asks for anything, I must may.

From tail to back to snout, in the heavens! I became astounded!


             Crunch! I flailed with my limbs torn. Turning into dust.

             Dying and deceived. Was there anyone I can trust?




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