Creep Show (Good Enough?)

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 20:59 -- SoniaJ


They are the people, they are the crew,
They are the ones who might scare you,
They don't play no same games,
That's why no one knows their names,
They dont dress to impress,
They're just doing their best,
Too many people come and stare,
 I know they're different, i know they're rare,
They'll all different, so dont compare,
They come to them when they want to criticize,
Mostly to laugh to be precise,

If you came to gloat, they'll show you a Creep Show.

Well in a flash all your nightmare will come true,
You won't know what to do( oh no )
Better swallow your fear, cause that's what they love to hear,
So it's better if you close your eyes,
Cause you'll be hypnotized, you'll be terrorrized,

You feel someone watching you from behind,
You feel a twist go down your spine,
They'll dance to the sound of your sream,
Cause they're putting a scene for you,

It looks like you dont want to see no more,
Isn't this what you were asking for? a show,
"Creepy, scary people", you said,
So why dont you want to stay? are you scared?

Come on sing along, dance along to our groove,
Are you so afraid that you can't move?
Tell me now baby, is this freaky for you?
So, is this good enough for you?


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