Creation, Reformation, and Abdication

The World

began as almost

nothing, bare and desolate.

Then God, or through accumulation of

particle, whichever you choose to believe

created plants and trees and animals of all kinds.

Then came the humans. They lacked knowledge but soon

learned more and more until they too created and expanded,

making buildings and contraptions, fancier and more technologically advanced.

Things that aren't natural made perhaps of natural things, but things that even destroyed and

disrupted the natural cycle. However, Nature musn't worry too much.

For though the humans have depleted her resources, she tends

to gain just as much back at the end of their short-lived lives

Ashes to Ashes and dust to dust. Their bodies

end up six feet under, where they'll

soon be forgotten, and no soul

will remember them but

they will remember

Mother Nature


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