Creating a Monster


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Wish it was possible to be Frankenstein
Except I wouldn't go around digging for limbs.
Instead I’ll take a couple traits, piece em together to make my him.
I’d take his intellect and smile. Even his soft spoken ways
But I’ll need his aggressiveness for the days I want to play.
Now his warmth would be nice and also his trust.
These are a combination of things that would make my him enough.
Wouldn't mind his style or finesse but as long as he’s clean I won’t be to picky about how he’s dressed.
His understanding is definitely needed, especially when it comes to the bond that’s been created by we.
Along with those things I have some other request:
Keep me happy so I can return the favor that way there’s no stress.
Be mindful to the fact that I like to watch cartoons when I rest.
Support my talents, you better be proud even if I bash you in a poem
& appreciate it if I make the decision to sing you a song.
My specialty is breakfast, be prepared to help in the kitchen.
I mean teamwork make the dream work, let’s make sure nothing’s missing.
‘Me days’ are a given so don’t get too upset when I say ‘babe gimme some space’
If it’s really real you’ll know the perfect moments to invade.
But above all else I ask for love to be exuded unconditionally.
Time to pull the lever & scream He’s alive! He’s alive!
Too bad this isn't true. Can’t merge em together, so I’ll wait for you.


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