Create The Alliance


Deep, deep down inside you,
you have the power.
You have the voice
you can make the choice.

Words are a powerful thing.
They can bring life; and they can end it.
They have meaning.
They can shed light upon the lost and forgotten truth;
or shove it back into the cold, deep darkness.
Help the helpless.

Your words are what show your passion, your weaknesses, your happiness, your vulnerability.
You have the ability
to stop the hate within this world.

But for now, stop what happens in front of you.
You don't know the pain, or maybe you do.

The little kid who is being forcefully shoved within his locker.
Help them regain their laughter.

The one being bullied because he has a different perspective on life.
They aren't defective.

The one who can't go home because he is too scared to leave the bathroom stall.
They want to give it up, all.
Show them they have what it takes
to prove the others' mistakes.

You can fix it,
you can end it.
Laid out is hand to help.
Become a friend,
extend the end.
Give out some guidance.
Create an alliance.

When you need help, will they be there for you?
Were you there for them?
Give to get
Never forget,
It is your words that changed this world.


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