Federal secretariat jos Plateau State Nigeria
Angwan Hausawa Tudun Wada Jos,Plateau State Nigeria I'm an upcoming writer hail from Jos, Plateau State Plateau State Nigeria. I'm a 500 level student nurse from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria. I love reading, writing, watching movies or listening to great music.

Forgive me my old pen for being
On the front line with my griefs
Writing has turn me away from
Place where comfort increases
My urges and my anger erupts
I've always wanted to give them
When they don't want to have it
Its only natural that I love writing
Thing that I love is hurting me
To turn off its crazy obsession
The ECT refuse to work on
My depressed mood
The tranquilizer for a lifetime
OCD is becoming me
I wanted to bail myself out from
Jack of all trades and a master of none
Unsettling thought of turning
Gibberish in to fine lines
Kept fanning the flames
Don't know how to turn off
Tap of words from flowing
With the new ideas coming in
I pray for an angel and
Got the devil for an art
I think I'm becoming more crazy
With too many empty spaces here
I've watch beautiful tragic occur
It snug me out of my own reverie
Coldness overwhelms me
Instincts unsettles me
Trouble defunct me
The driven madness took me
I watch my tears roll down
In the mirror
I watch myself smiling
And deciphering glee
Don't know whether to laugh or cry
A weirdo is all I've become
My nerves a laughing stock
Look what writing did to me
Insane I've turned
And I'm still a writer
Even as my words refuse
To make any sense
Crazy I keep becoming
Now I can live with that
Till it never bother me
©Nature Boy

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