Cracks in the Concrete

Sitting in my room with my friends 

acting stupid

wondering what were gonna do with our lives

what were gonna do with our futures

it's kinda scary you know

not knowing what's next

not knowing who to trust

it's got me truly vexed

It's kinda scary not knowing where you're gonna live

what your gonna eat 

Where it's gonna come from

or who your gonna meet

I wish I could go back

to the days of finger paint

and jumping over concrete cracks

Where I didn't have to worry about graduation 

and all this stupid drama

all these complications

Where I didn't have to worry about gas or a car

where the distance from here to school

was only half as far

Where I didn't have to worry about my clothes or my hair

when I put my shirt on backwards

and no one really cared

But I guess that's over now

Now it's like you put on the wrong shirt

and you are suddenly a fat cow

Whatever man it doesn't matter 

I know I just have to try

other wise my life will splatter

against the conrete cracks

that I used to jump

I sit here as my life gets chopped into little pieces

By society's axe





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