Crabs in a Barrel


I look to my left and observe my neighbor dropping tears
I look to my right and observe my neighbor exerting fears
She will cry and walk to him and extend a hand for help
But he will go within his house to ignore the pain she felt

Time will pass and roles will switch fearful of the need
He will cross onto my left in search of a good deed
Her eyes enraged a vengeful smile and close her door to you
His head will drop tears in file and remember his door too

There skin is brown one in the same but never stick together
Motions like this go on each day so crabs in a barrel forever?
Hatred so strong we hate ourselves strive to die as one
I wonder sometimes why march together for unity to come undone


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


very creative with words

well said


Thank you i just get tired of black people bringing each other down I would like to see better

Mafi Grey

Very good

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