Cowardly teachers


A kid walks down a hall

she gets shoved into ever locker

mentally and physically abused by all those around her

Shes all alone

what do you


you don’t interfere out of fear

You don’t want those kids to target you

So let the kid get bullied

Well what if she shoots herself out of desperation and despair

what then will you feel guilty.

No you will not.

Teachers are there to teach not stand up for someone

not help the kids they teach.

A kid walks up to a teacher she really trusts

tells him what's going on

He sits and listens

but does nothing to help

no heart warming advice no guidance towards our futures

where were you when you were needed.

You could of saved a life but yet you choose to sit behind your desk like a cowardly dog.

Take a stand and protect the weak

Superheroes don't exist, but you do.


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