The darkness of the night gives birth to a bright new day
The day gives birth to a new contagion
Frustration seems to be order of the day
It seems to be that we are at war everyday.

Frugal living has become the order of the day
But still some don’t care
The little they have blowing it

Ignoring the advice of thy elders
Going ahead to meet dignitaries
To exchanging pleasantries
When there was a homework to be done by you and thy elders

The Covid – 19 era,
Where the world superpowers are at war
A war where bombs and guns are at rest
A war that has spread world wide.
The Covid – 19 era,
Where the world superpowers are overwhelm
Over a common enemy
An enemy which is invisible to the eye.
The Covid – 19 era,
Were health professionals are at the warfront
A war where testing kits is being used to control the spread of the attack
A war where the frontline of the fight is your front door of your house.

Undermining the effect of the contagion
Choosing economic growth over the effect of the contagion
People’s lives are risk
Stop the rush and do not deviate
Get your head in the game
Putting in necessary actions and
Stop the Denialism.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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