Covered with Confidence


Covered with Confidence

I walk around

Wherever I go

Head held high

Acting as if none of the ones surrounding me opinions, thoughts, comments are relevant

To this confused mind of mine

I've created my own style

Invented my own way of living my own life

Creating a mindset as if no one gets me like I get me

Disregarding society, and what they want me to be, become, evolve into 

But in reality, which I've been in, I'm not all who I portay to be

They say "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain"

Behind that curtain remains an insecure girl

One full of insecurties yet at the same time boosted with confidence


Only using that boost of confidence to shade over the insecruties struggled with 

Which then creates her to act certain ways, and live certain ways, and decide upon bad choices which only influence those frames she portays...




Which then creates me

Boosting my confidence


But only

To hide my insecurities 

So then maybe I'll be percieved differently

And even so accepted

Which I have

Accepted by everyone rather than myself

I want to accept myself

the real me

the true me

Which starts by loving myself

Finding myself

But I've become so inward to the reality of the hidden me I've forgotten the real me

or have I?

As of now

I just want to empty my mind

Leaving everything on this paper





I've traveled every corner of my mind and seemed to find theres no expression to define why I am, who I am

So I write

I write...

Because I have no other way to express

I must say writing doesn't even express

But maybe one day I'll be able to 


What matters

The True Me


Covered with Confidence




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