Of course you don’t

Of course you don’t understand how it feels.
I’m loosing my mind
in a whirlwind of society’s perfect description of how to be.
They mold me,
stretching and shaping,
trying to force me into a person
I am not.
My voice is dimmed my the constant reminders of
you aren’t good enough.

I come to you
with open arms.
Your acceptance is 
the focus of my mind,
when my mind focuses,
I reach out to you,
but instead
grip the fingertips of sadness
who swallows me whole,
Blinding me
From forever seeing the sunlight through my eyes.
Because to you,
I was only ever second best.

Welcome to a new beginning,
Band-Aids don’t exist in real life.
you can’t depend on something
so fragile
to hold you up.

I wish you could see the beauty in your flaws,
I wish you could see the beauty in your scars,
I wish,
I wish you could see how your words do hurt.

You don’t know your worth.
They will only ever talk behind your back if you are in front of them.

You’re just scared
of the words loaded in their riffle.
But I am with you.
hear my words.
don’t let them go.


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This poem is beautiful. I love the way your words come together. Please read my poems and tell me what you think

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