This person contains true feelings in the deepest pit of their being
The contents are a little too emotional or maybe not enough
You are at risk of someone who may care too much
Love you too much
Want for you what you desire for yourself
It’s a package deal
And may put you in the potential risk of heartbreak
May require too much attention,
May ask you too many questions
And often times needs reassurance
Be aware it contains extreme trust issues
It gives too much and doesn’t save enough for herself
Its self destructive when it spends time on people who don't deserve it
It has obscene sensitivity to your interaction with other girls
And should be left in a cool environment
Doesn’t do too well in heated situations
And should not be left open and abandoned
Because it will spoil
She will spoil
This item, this being is not a toy
It should be kept away from children
They are far too naïve to know the true value of possessions
Games are not included with this production
One day your usage will have expired
Do not jettison
Someone will find gold in your disposable
And treat me far better than you did.
Warning! Warning!
She is best used with the following additions:
An open hand to hold
Excitement in a 5'4 and up casing
Some good humor
Good vibes and daily mantras
Likes music that infects your body and forces you to dance
A little smooth yet a little rough around the edges
He will tell me every night of my importance
In accordance to the idea of pro social justice issues
Has open eyes for the many perspectives of the world
Lets go see it.
The only aggression to protect me from others
No lies, real recognize real when I see it I'll believe it
And if you summon up enough courage to pick me out
Say hello because I am not as dangerous as I seem.
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