Could But Should

Because I love you. These words could,

Turn your head a mess

Isolate from family and friends

Try to prematurely undress

And force you to hit send.

These words could

Hit you in the face

Scream in your ear

Keep your heart locked in an unsafe case

And continue in circles each year.

These words could

Make you feel small

Be why you’re the last to know

Slam you against a wall

And make you think you’re worthless, or the word that ends in ‘oe.


Because I love you. These words should

Give you peace of mind

Make your social circle grow

Be spoken to you kind

And allow you to take it slow.

These words should

Always be true

Dry all your tears

Make you feel important too

And sustained throughout the years.

These words should

Be said only to you

Feel like home

Allow you to do what you want to do

And most importantly, be not only theirs, but your own, too.


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