Could anyone see the pain held in that child?


Midnight terrors 

I experienced it all on my own 

Waiting for acknowledgement 

Till Every bit of my existence seized to exist. 

I still love that him though.. I can't even explain that shit 

Sitting on the corner waiting for you to walk by 

Calling out dad .. Why couldn't you look me in my eyes 

I know you heard me call after you

I screamed at the top of my fucking lungs 

And I refuse to forget these painful memories 

They motivate me to do not do wrong  

And when I shed tears I remember I been through worst 

So let me be thankful cause thankfully in the subject of love I know thirst 

Little girl with curly ponytails and a hell of a smile 

Could anyone see the pain held in that child? 

This poem is about: 
My family


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