Pocket that silly grin.

Wondering 10years, two hours to fill in.

How are your afternoon coming?

Do you still strum the golden strings?

I heard you skip soda for beer

and counted lips to lick and hearts to tear.

But I still see us in the alley where the branches sketch on the sky

and you grin, sigh, blew the cotton grasses on my eye.

Lets climb the jungle gym

and fall together as this ends.

Like kids relive, we shall roll on the high way

but make sure to wave the night from a distant away. 

I  am now certain that it was not a dream, though it felt it.

To hold your hand on the backyard swing.

Your ear on my lap while the moon stares.

No kiss but butterflies up our haven glares.

Now here we are staring  just a handful away.

How are you? Yes, it really is that hard to stay.

Because time has changed and I have that and this

and you have aged, I know, it is a bliss.

For this last moment, lets just runway to the setting of the night

and breath cold air without cotton on our eyes

This time, no recalling, there isn't a need to kiss

because we have reminisced everything we missed.

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