Cotton Candy Clouds

Sun, 10/07/2018 - 13:05 -- skd


whether they're cotton candy cliches

or warning signs of dark whirl winds.

Clouds can tell you all you need to know about the day that will come,

or the one that has just past.

The sheer coverage of a bright sunrise help to keep us from

shielding our eyes.

They become bathed in pink undertones and provide a curtain

for the new day that will soon be shown.

These sheen streaks in the sky eventually go down in hues until returning

to white, and the sun is now out,

providing its full light.

Mornings like this provides just enough warmth to rosey your cheeks

and allots the gaiety you seek.

In contrast when you see the storm clouds are approaching before

the sun has a chance to peek

out the clouds race through the sky and start to grow in size,

until they burst.

Those days when you see nothing but rain at all hours whether they are immense

drops that never seem to end,

or it's misting just so the world is blurred.

Some people might take these days to be a vexation,

I take them to be more of a fascination.

They give you time to read and reflect.

The clouds tell you what will happen, and what to expect from your day,

if it starts with orange underlays or swirls of grey.


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