Cosmic( untitled)

Fri, 06/30/2023 - 23:46 -- 2sweet


I talked to the sun, moon, and stars before I reached heaven just in case you left a message for me to address it, I felt your presence like a gift left by the universe that was unexpected, I caught the lesson so I undressed it and redirect it like a shooting star bursting out of cosmic law; how so respected, that the law of attraction took us to be connected, I was corrected well equipped for what was rejected, drawn by the atmosphere I felt protected; rising to the calling I was resurrected, no need for interjection, satisfied with the outcome as it was as blissful as the collective; it’s safe to say that my intentions were manifested; over the horizon I’m not stressing; I spread my wings like a phoenix who came from ashes; ready to take on action; I’m too impactful and tactful ; attracted to my experience within my own existence; a galactic mind with a silver line filled with visions;  synchronization I had to revisit to be characterized by my decisions; too interpret what’s hidden in plane site I need an assistant to write out the laws that was written so the odds wouldn’t be stacked against me

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