Corruption Eruption

Sat, 01/24/2015 - 13:01 -- erocain


Scared screams fill the streets,

As they watch their city torn,

From the roots of the trees,

To the fields of corn.

Their small homes fall,

And burn to the ground,

With flames so tall,

And cackling sounds.

To the beast in the center,

Fulfilling its greed,

It has no guilt,

When it’s time to feed.

Off the backs of people,

Working hard all year,

Producing the wealth,

Compensated with fear.

Told not to worry,

To accept it with ease.

That life will get better,

If they live on their knees.

 So they do,

And they pray,

Just to see a better day,

And still, that beast,

He feeds away.

On the lives of young children,

Mothers and Fathers.

Sisters and Brothers.

Sons and Daughters.

And when will they learn,

That the lies that they’re fed,

Are to weaken the masses,

And leave them for dead?

So the beast can consume,

And live off their land.

To oppress the majority,

And steal from empty hands.

When will they rise,

And find strength to fight?

When will they learn,

That resistance is right?

That without justice,

There is no peace;

That their individual lives,

Are not lived for the beast.

Waiting for the moment,

When the beast find its end,

When its insides erupt,

And the revolution begins.

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