All color and warmth escapes

her skin

seeping into the 

lush green grass that 

softly caresses her

tear stained cheeks.

Cheeks streaked with 

with dark paint that 

once adorned eyes brimming

with life.

Eyes that had witnessed

better days.

Eyes that had witnessed 

the end of their days. 

Images of final moments

remain etched into 

her endless blank stare.

Visions of large forceful 

hands and

relentless powerful 


trapping and slapping


destroying everything 

Visions of gasps for air

as fingers tighten

and crush 

stealing her last breaths

leaving only a necklace 

of violets and blues


The warmth continues to 


Fleeing the frigid

gust of 


Echoes of desperate 

screams have all but 

faded in the wind

And creatures of the wood

slink from hidings 

returning to their quiet

uninterrupted homes

Shes become cold as stone

every inch of skin, stiff and grey

beginnings of decay











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