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A defense mechanism
To keep me from the pain
Not even realizing
I’m hurting just the same
I bare it all now
So it won’t be stolen later
I put it all out there
So I can’t be tricked into giving it up
Yet either way it’s taken from me
But now I’ve changed what they’re thinkin of me
“She’s a slut
She’s a ho
Cause she gave it up so easy
She did everything I like
She knew just the way to please me
But I got it all from her
So there’s no need for me to stay”
And so they all bounce
And there’s never more to say
I mean what can really I say though?
Oh, that’s not really me?
I’m not that type of girl?
No, but really.
It seems like I am
I’m just lowkey about mine
But that doesn’t really make it better
Just because no reputation preceeds me
Doesn’t mean I’m any better
Than all the other girls who get down the way I do
Fuckin like it’s nothing
Like I have nothing to lose
But in reality I’m sacrificing so much
By giving up that cookie
He saw how easy it was to get his hand inside that jar
So now he sees promiscuity
Instead of a chance to go far


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