Convalescence from teeth extraction ™




emotional n physical recovery 
now I pro visional null lee
robbed me, thus aye recapitulate i.e. mending
from woeful fare thee well
permanent set of teeth i "tell"
since reduction with psychological trauma 
now extant, that rent hard asunder
mouth er fµçk∑® fractured psyche –
finely beginning to quell
since decades ago - woeful uber tiding prevailed 
made germinal debut prior
to present surgical plucking pearly whites 
severely weeknd anchored jaw bone nell
ravaged by periodontal disease
re: gingivitis death knell
surfaced decades ago -- way before Intel
microchips became extant
permeated life of this fell
low and other earth-linkedin humans- 
he doubts digital contrivance could cell
veg onslaught oral quandary, which befell
n wrought irrevocable fate unchangeable against internal primal "yell
accursed fate only did x'ell
er rate malady, whar bacteria went took carnival
wreaking ball havoc analogous
trumpeting tromping bacchanalian shill 
blod letting, wrenching loose n upending
billeted bony croppers that bite 
uninvited knock king out
bracketed teeth (abominably barricaded) nine pins -
pilfering numerous hard,
bony enamel-coated structures from mill 
yens o’ microscopic mapped marauders 
rendering choppers useless
leaving me jilted - dealt unfair punishment 
since jaws of this vertebrate gill
tee egregious crime, but lo such inexplicable dill             
lap pud dated self-destructive phenomena, 
found chilly reception within soul of generic guy, 
thankfully insurance picked up hefty bill.
most recent bout with oral surgery, 
relieved angst riddled travail
finds me recuperating soon fitted
with dentures fit to pie hole scaled
haggard exhausted dentifrice loosed 
via brushing n flossing
false eze t’will soon provide comfort to smile 
without me oral cavity resembling split rail
(though Abe Lincoln - 
or his ghost would proudly stanch quail
ling per this jilted jack o'napes lips 
hid wreckage - broken crumpled pickets - 
refusing sentry duty struck smile with im pale
since acceptance n resignation of fate
in tandem with storied gentility of great
dentists tube e training at University of Pennsylvania 
found aversion embrace sing self hate
full circumstance, whereby subsequent 
sense nor sensibility to expend energy bing irate
thus this chap feels catharsis 
to expiate indiscretion of late
a private matter tween this male and mate
whereby exhibition of remiss shun 
within miniature oblate
spheroid of lumbar ring noggin oof pate
purportedly larding just desserts - eek quate
indiscretion, he did not critically rate
boot in retrospect risqué tete a tete 
actuated bore ring onslaught of decision 
removal of unsound choppers,
which delay could not wait
lest greater health crisis implicate this mortal male 
per blitz krieg pace mar
king ineluctable deterioration to deter
gum recession flanked by bone loss maneuver
where no other choice available 
re: teeth removed from this sir. 




This poem is about: 



the above poe whet tick declaration arose on account
of angst when students (i.e. residents at the prestigious
University of Pennsylvania Dental School making an es
the ties bee line to carie on their vocation within the realm
of oral hygience) intoned the unfavorable fate
of mine dentifrice.

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