Controlled, Focused Intensity

~ By DebiLyn 09/08/22


SO! If you want your woman to respond freely and openly to your desires, respond freely and openly to her NEEDS! Simple as that…… well, as a rule I’d think. You will ALWAYS find the one[s] who use sex or play other games – WALK AWAY! WE are out here, waiting…. Sometimes impatiently, but waiting just the same. And obviously, it varies depending on one's level of 'kink' or fetish, etc. :P


Do you bring controlled intensity to your advances? The intent, penetrating gaze into her eyes, one of longing and hunger to drink her in – every inch, every ounce, every curve, every yummy detail from head to toe? Well, do you? You must do so without any fast moves, no forward lunges to merely f^@k the body in front of you – no. You must do so with complete self control and with slow, purposeful moves…


Leave a light kiss on her forehead, her cheek, her neck [or all three] then P A U S E to connect visually. It’s ok if she closes her eyes for a moment – she’s inhaling the intensity of the simple, sensual sweetness offered, but then touch her [face, chin, shoulder…] and whisper for her to open them – and keep them open. Then merely breathe in and out, devouring each other with only your eyes for at LEAST 60 seconds [more if she can handle it]. Let it build. Prove it’s not ONLY about your need for release. Demonstrating that SHE is worth your time to wait, to move slowly, to acknowledge what you have in front of you is more likely to pay off now AND in the future. She doesn’t always burn at the highest temps the moment you “turn on” the physical burner. In fact, you shouldn’t even be touching those burners yet! >grin<


Without looking away, touch her mouth, open yours and barely tilt your head as if not quite finished enjoying the view – DON’T go in for a kiss just yet… linger a moment until her eyes alone beg you to close the distance….. then [ever so slightly] merely touch your tongue [or one lip] to her upper lip [or her tongue if it is offered]. TASTE her longing? It’s there!


Instead of removing her top and grabbing at her flesh, slip her top down over one shoulder and caress her skin – remember to maintain eye contact…… except for the brief, longing & appreciative scan from her eyes to her neck, her bared shoulder, and back again. If she hasn’t whimpered yet, or some other form of physically clear longing, I’d be utterly amazed. You may just need to continue at the same pace a bit longer – or maybe ask her a question or make a statement. Go ahead, think of one ahead of time: no crime in that. Just don’t make it like a cheesy line! Something sincere, thoughtful, something with HER in mind…… not TOO open ended though if you want a more direct reply.


Ok, ok. I think I can come up with a handful – took a few minutes to get my own mind going… Try to CONNECT your question or statement with something tangible from the past hour or however long you’ve been “dancing”!


  • I love your eyes – as you look at her not having diverted from them so as to confirm why you’ve been doing so rather than an empty compliment.
  • I love what I see – and run your eyes over her again, careful to spend more time on HER rather than just her sexual body.
  • The softness of your skin makes me crazy – as you touch her shoulder again or her face, etc. *The softness of her skin, not a sexual reaction!
  • Does this please you? Eh, maybe better to say, “I want to please you,” or ask “Is there something you want me to do to please you?”
  • Are you comfortable? I don’t know about yours, but my couch SUCKS! Lol and should you HAPPEN to be sitting or lying together in bed already, perhaps offering an extra pillow or something……
  • Would you like me to continue, slow down, do something else?

There is nothing more delicious than being thoroughly ENJOYED by a man! It makes a woman [THIS woman at least] feel so desirable rather than merely hunted down and conquered, though there is most certainly a time and place for THAT too!


Talking about what you found pleasurable is [can be] insanely arousing, especially when it’s not something done to you, but what you discovered about her by observation! Ohhhhh I just can’t tell you how incredible it feels to be looked at and treated this way. These are lasting smiles!


Controlled, intense passion, confidently delivered, sets MY soul aflame and my body ablaze with desire!



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