Control Your Students, Teachers!

Get to the point I say!

It’s another day and to my dismay

My education is being taken away

Because one kid called another “gay”

Now that’s not okay

But the teacher spends all day

Trying one hundred different ways

To reprimand his behavior

Now so much attention is on him that you’d think he was the second coming of a savior

Stop yelling

Start expelling

The ones who don’t want to be here

Make learning for us as hard as shoveling with a spear

No more kicking kids out the classroom just to have them come back again

This time make it illegal for them to do it again

And that’s how you play the behavior game and win

With disruptive students

Who makes indents in the teacher’s patience

And that really doesn’t make sense

To get teachers mad hence

The behavior rules shouldn’t have the bad kids on the fence

Control your students or they’ll control you

The students will get easy A’s and pass through like a toll booth

And that’s the truth


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