Contrasted Affection

Mon, 02/01/2016 - 22:37 -- Farah p

Loving you was my best mistake,


a beautiful affliction.

Nothing could have prepared

me for what was to come.

You came unexpected, filling a desire I never knew I



Loving you is pain that I seek

over and over again until I am

consumed by your delicious agony.

Loving you is a harsh realization

that before you, life

was a never- ending circle that

I walked around blindly,

endlessly, until my feet were

raw and exposed not even

knowing what I was searching for.


Loving you is like being

engulfed by the ocean

drowning and suffocating.

Icy liquid filling and stinging

my lungs until it slowly takes my breath away.

Loving you is like a slow and

impossible death,

creeping and seething until demise

seems like my only option. Not knowing the shimmering

beauty that awaits me on the other side.

Loving you is uncalculated,

unplanned, a disaster in the

making, succeeding only due

to the simple fact that rules

don't apply to rebellious souls.


Loving you, was my worst perfection.

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