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We all want a companion  Even if we deny it, the feeling of need is there Companions can come in any form, they don’t have to be human They can be two-legged, or four-legged, or have no legs at all They can live underwater, on land, or in the sky They can walk with us, love us, and be loyal to us Wouldn’t that be nice?   Now there is a problem going on that some see, While others try to avoid it Those animals that can be so kind, so peaceful, so beautiful, are being harmed But why? Do we not care for them enough to provide them a loving home? Do we not have enough respect to leave theirs alone? Must we conquer everything we see? Is all of these truly necessary?   People say that animals cannot speak  Well I say the can, the thing is we can’t understand They may not use our words or other methods of communication we do But every movement, every noise they create is done on purpose When animals are being abused, you can see the fear and sadness in their eyes So don’t tell me they can’t speak Maybe not to you, but they sure do to me Their cries need no words, Their pain easily spotted So don’t tell me that just because they can’t say “stop” like us you have the right to harm   These words are my way to stand They are my way to awaken those who are being blinded They represent each individual being that is in pain For those that are against animal cruelty,  Continue to Fight Animal Abuse

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