Tue, 10/18/2016 - 22:21 -- Lacel

On the edge of the chair,
under twinkling lanterns
and glimmering lights,
with slamming,
assurances and promises
reaching me through the stage.

Opening heavy eyelids
as my head leans
on the window of
the red Elantra, I am
zooming past blurs of deep
green trees with a safe
blanket of bright blue
hovering over.

Walking through the aisles
surrounded by merchandise,
and characters in wigs
and costumes
and teethy grins. Excitement
radiates through every

Propped on the couch,
embracing a pillow tightly,
a show I have been waiting
for months for its return
welcomes me back home.

Tears overflow,
my heart the same,
yet by much more.

It is weightless.
It is soft,
full of comfort, and with
a certain warmth
that only these
can bring.

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