Sat, 02/01/2014 - 21:54 -- krabot


The fiendish desire to die lurked in the depths of the innocent.

Lost little souls with nowhere to go with their perception all crooked and bent.

Taught ignorant lessons from the darkening world; that they'll never be good enough.

They cry each night, sobbing to the pillow so their sobs won't echo; they thought they had to be tough.

Smiling as though nothing is wrong, they have no care in the world, if only that were true.

In reality. little people know of their lives' they're backed into a corner with feelings that overwhelm their mind, engulf them without an idea of what to do.

Further and further they were pushed into the depths of their minds.

They turned to dark little secrets that would make the pain go away and feel something new, to feel happiness, at most, divine.

Little did they expect their lives' and the dark secrets, would intertwine. 

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