Consumed by Unconsumption

Can’t see it, can’t have it, can’t taste it,

Or you will surpass your limit.

Don’t let your body throw a fit.

In the end, you know that it’s worth it.

Take your eyes off the prey,

Turn and run away.

It’s tempting, but do not submit.


But the sizzling sauce is tantalizing,

And the roasted beef is appetizing.

The luscious aroma is mesmerizing,

And what you had is not satisfying.

Though, you must ignore,

Or you’ll want it more,

Even though this habit is agonizing.


People are asking what’s wrong.

They wonder why you are not strong.

Will the comments prolong?

They swallow you all day long.

But you go and hide,

Keep your feelings inside,

And hope that they move along.


You are beginning to grow weak.

You have no energy to speak.

You can barely mutter a squeak,

But you still have things to critique.

Don’t get in your head,

Ignore what’s been said,

You don’t want to end up a freak.


People have figured you out.

You are consumed with self doubt.

You wonder if you should back out

And seek an alternate route.

You are out of control

And stuck in hole,

But you don’t want to get out.


Your vision has gone black.

Your bones are about to crack.

Your habits are off track.

Death is waiting to attack.

But you don’t die

And you realize why.

It’s time for you to comeback.


Now you have goals to meet

That your friends help you beat.

You finally feel complete.

Listen to your heartbeat.

You have survived.

You’ve been revived,

Because you began to eat.


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