Conquering Fears Leads To True Freedom

My fears used to

Stop me from being my greatest and achieving my dreams 

All my life I was a people pleaser 

I let what other people thought about me define who I am 

So I would be popular and accepted by society 

Originally I thought that was a talent of mine to please everyone around me

But later on I realized

I mistook it for talent when it really was an impairment 

Once I finally embraced being my true self 

And no longer caring about opinons of others 

I was happier 



I then learned that fear was all a mind game 

Fear is a choice 

You can choose to be fearful for the rest of your life 

Or be courageous and to not let fear be the obstcale standing in the way between you and your destiny

Conqueer your fears

So you may be free

To leave your cocoon

And transfrom into a beauitful butterfly and fly out into the world



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beautifully put!

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