Connected Start

Thu, 11/02/2017 - 20:18 -- DmanR

Everyone deserves to have a healthy relationship wether it's with a significant other or a friend, it's something no-one can pretend. Even through hardships and struggles that relationship should never end. That is the way a relationship should be. kind, respecting, and very much so free. Plus there should always be a possibility for them to push their bond. Even when one takes too long to respond. Even if it feels like it goes on and on. It may be a simple nod, but the other will applaud, because in a relationships both things are connected. When one is falling the other's affected, and when the other is in fact affected, then the one affected is surely subjected. To the negativity that the one holds, even if this idea of payback is so cold. Against those on the outside, and the one already in, it's just pride for those who win. Those who win having shown their heart. Even when a relationship does fall apart. It finds a way back and gets stronger than when it did start.

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