The feeling at hand brings on trouble and issues that I cannot stand

It changes my plans and unfortunately, I cannot fuflll its demands

I cannot grasp or understand, but I am only aware of how I'm in a jam

My mind is corrupted and on lockdown instead of free like a pendulum

I'm lost in wonders like the space time continuum

and racing through tiime and space just to figure things out and in the right place

This issue is breaking me down and throbbing like a contusion 

I can't seem to bring things together or make a fusion

I cannot decide if I'm simply dreaming this...or is it meaningless

And why can't I come over this stress

What is this issue that my mind is handing me

It isn't quite normal, but then again it's not insanity

It's not vertigo and it can't be an illusion

What is this problem?

What is it doing?

What is this, giving this unpleasant contribution?

It's not insanity, nor vertigo, or an illusion

What is this making such an intrusion?

Could this simply be known as...confusion?

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