Confused Ghost

Sat, 02/08/2020 - 05:53 -- KiBLS

Confused Ghost


Words which open doors.
Thoughts which move mountains.
Emotions which move worlds.


Is the impossible possible?
Is written with the beginning also a written end?
Is the end determined if there is a beginning?


Do I have the choice of a way in the beginning?
Do I have the choice of a path at the end?
Do I have the choice of a path?


Who is not aware of the beginning,
can not be aware of an end.
Where the path begins which ends Nowhere?


Lit a bright light , up there!
You can not even see, but it lights up.


Do you believe that this light is lit,
if you do not find it after a long search?
Perhaps you looked in the wrong places.


But every wrong place you discover,
brings you the bright light a little bit closer!


(written by KiBLS)


Author: KiBLS | Written: ~2011 | Published: ~2017 | German original | License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 | e-Book: Poems of the new time

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