Confounded Youth

Through life’s curves and winds,

And fetal incubation grind,

Whatever the struggle -

It can be diminished,

Aptly if you persevere,

and make it to the Finish.


Away from the ties,

And the fearful lies,

Lies the truth -

For those who can face it.


Your bulging belly isn’t a harrowing sign

of the life malign, but an essence of humanity,

From its Foundation to its Folly.


You don’t let your mistakes define you,

Wallow and bind you;

You learn and let them refine you.


They may look down at the child,

Disadvantaged and bastard;

Resolute you dismiss the force

Of sanctity’s standard.


Its a force you’ve overcome,

manifest in the woman you’ve become,

You, you confounded youth.


-W.B. October



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