Comformity is the destruction of creativeness and as i took my time to make this rhyme

I realized the kind of person I am inside

My poetry gave me a voice, that other silenced throughout the years

It made me grow more confident to be vocal around my peers

Made me into a warrior, made me start realizing my words are powerful and that they have meaning

Made me realize that I am not just another being

But I am special and my light shines brightly throuhout the cosmos

Poetry helped give birth to a woman I did not know

Gave birth to a woman who is freeless and tough 

When life knocked her down, it was the poetry she wrote, that helped her get back up

My poetry helped me cope with my harsh realities when other burhsed it aside

My poetry never silenced me and taught me, "Don't ever hide."

The words I thought up where the feelings I never wanted to talk about out loud

So instead I was able to let everything out on paper when I couldn't say it out loud

Poetry became me and it helped me to grow

Poetry helped heal my situations and birth a new me that I'm happy to know

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