confessions of a teenage girl, to herself, in the bathtub.

I like me
but sometimes I don't
I even hate me sometimes
that doesn't mean
that I am any less beautiful
I am deceptively strong
in both mind and body
I have red hair
that catches fire in the light, dancing and twirling like a summer's breeze
I have blue eyes that hold the ocean's storms, that flash like lightning over open water
I have freckles and I love them
golden sunspots kissing
every part of my body
my skin is milk-pale and
shines like moonlight in the dark
my voice, it bursts free of its confines like a caged bird
finally released
I have a figure
that puts the lushness of the
flowers of the field
to shame, but I will not let it shame me
my lips are pink-blushed and full
I have a face that, while not being classically pretty, is sweet and youthful
my nose is a small pearl
upon my face
and my neck
is as arched and graceful as the lily's long stem
my body is not the most beautiful
but I like it
because it can do amazing things
and I think
that it is pretty
and if they don't
it is of no matter to me.

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