The word of the day is confess.

Put your past hurts, mistakes, and letdowns to rest.

Free yourself from all the mess

that makes your life constantly regress.

Emotional health is the foundation and key to true success

& you can't succeed if your past continues to fest -- Her

problem was letting go of regret, denial, and

those who said she could never be her best.

When people spoke to her they always made her feel less.

Then, we recall He who tries to fit in with the rest.

He doesn't realize that the crowd is sending Him 

in search for the wrong quest. 

While the crowd tells Him to chase:

drugs, money slang, and chicks with no moral correctness,

His rage and bitterness of life turns into a pill

that he cannot digest.

Then, there's you reading this and wondering if I'm stressed..

But, no my dear, I'm on the journey to finding myself;

therefore, I consider myself blessed.



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