Concrete jungle



concrete jungle

in shades of grey

can’t you see what you are

simply a canvas

for those with a vision

a vision of you being more

more than two shades of bland

more than another system of oppression

for you are the battle ground

for the war between imagination and reality

that embodies this faculty

of both vanity and emptiness

blinding the sane

making them servants

to those never seen

but are well known

if seeing is believing

why are they not shown

is it

because deception

is succession

amog your community

of pessimistic pest

who at best

are worst

plaguing this world

with tears even crocodiles

wouldn’t cry

for you are the

deepest shade of green

both envy and greed

writing symphonies

of truthful lies

that lead to downfall

coated in gold

cause everything that shines


but maybe thats good

maybe thats sanity in itself

maybe the lies are the truth

and the truth lays lies

that can only be heard with eyes

and seen with ears

for would we know

if we were deaf and blind

maybe you're just misunderstood

and I’m reading too deep


I finally see

the shell of a person

who was crying to

society for all these years

but don’t worry

don’t worry concrete jungle

I see






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