Conclusions About Love


It is okay if your first love is your only love, it is okay if you fall in love five thousand times. And whoever decided that you can only be loved once you love yourself is wrong.Everyone deserves love. Everyone can be loved regardless of how they feel about themselves. Just because you hate yourself does not mean you are unloveable to everyone else. Just because you love yourself does not mean everyone else will hate you and your confidence.Just because you are not either of these extremes does not mean you are undeserving or incapable of being loved too. II.Love is not a war. There should not be a winner and a loser. Love is not about dominance and control, it's about compatibility and teamwork. It's about emotion. Love isn't just a game. You can't force someone to fall in love. So if you feel like people only like you because you make them, you're wrong. This isn't something you can win. Love should always end in a tie.  III.It isn't always fairIt definitely isn't easyIt's okay if you think you love two people. It is okay to cry when someone hurts your heart.It is okay to be scared.Truth is, none of us are naturally ready for love.It's something we have to learn. IV.So. If you're confused, scared, lost, losing hope, it's okay. Take a deep breath.You're going to get mad, sad, hurt.But you will heal.You will feel joy.You will love again. You will love, period. Maybe you won't fall, maybe it'll just be a step through a door,Maybe it's a jump or dance. but you will--You will be in love.And somehow you'll never see it coming.

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