Concerning Us

Mon, 10/03/2016 - 11:22 -- Jhamada

I was born in the land of opportunity

My mother's mother was not

My father came here for freedom and unity

Morals and ethics we have since forgot


It seems today that the land of the brave

has grown scared and bigoted

Maybe when those two towers gave

We decided that freedom was limited


"Take their welfare away, no bailouts!

for those beasts of a different color,

Build a wall and keep them out

They're stealing our sense and our dollars!"


Cover your hair with a scarf for a day

Try and walk through an airport

Best case they'll stop you, "Step this way"

Worst? They'll hold you for deport


"Not in my Hometown!"

You think, certainly it's not you

Trayvon, Tamir, and Michael Brown

Probably thought that too


The America we knew, surely exists for some

Freedom for the white and religious

Ranting and raving on their news station

That there is a war on Christmas


Can't you see that's not the point?

Don't you see their plight?

Our leaders fail to anoint

Their inalienable rights


This is not the future I want

For myself or my children

But I, myself, am no savant

How can I make a difference?


This fight is for Millennials

Though it was not our fault

It is our job to make us equal

and stop this race assault


So whatever you do, do it well

And do it with resolve

No more tiptoeing on broken eggshells

Force us to evolve

This poem is about: 
My country


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