Democrats hate America while Republicans hate minorities.

Democrats despise business while Republican despise facts.

Single issues control us, dividing and conquering.

Prejudice overtakes us, judging and presuming.


The media fuels us, fanning the flames of hate.

Gridlock poisons us, crippling the government, dirtying the slate.

Compromise is nonexistent while campaign funds flow.

Politcians claim to represent as their morals take a new low.

What was a great empire, falling and tumbling like Rome.

While politcians ignore and neglect, sitting under a glass dome.

Protests erupt across the country, spreading like diease.

Corruption eposed as corporations do as they please.

When will "we the people" finally take the lead?

Compromise and Moderation is what we the people need.

Issues divide us when we can discuss and debate.

Enlightened discussion is what will quell the hate.

Will the 200 year social experiment finally meets its end?

Or will citizens of the United States finally come hand in hand?


Democrats are Americans, and Republicans too.

Parties of the same people, represented by two different hues.

Republicans loves the country, and the Democrats agree.

That compromise is what we the people need to see.






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