The Complexity of a Human Being

Humanity seems to be the only ethic and practice differentiating us from animals,
Wait, we are animals

Lights down, blank stare
Eyes level, mirror image
Face flipped, yet skin still scared

Thoughts clutter and flow in patchy waves,
Dendrites and neurons electrify from within,
The speed amounting to that just above the blood circulating throughout my entirety

Long wait?
Short break.

To the moon?
Back too soon.

Love not strong?
Don’t tag along.

Over debating?
Turns into hating.

Energy accumulates within the skull, redirecting my presence

Sun beams fill my body, coursing through veins - reaching every inch
It pulses
The warmth of its rays coat skin,
Just as an ice cream cone being dipped in silky chocolate

No, I’m not faking it or taking anything to make me happy,
I just choose to be happy

And I have have learned,
That I am now at this moment,
All that I need to be

(Belle B. 02/28/2015)


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