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The day begins,

My heart rate dramatically intensifies as my mind segue back to its conscious state of reality after being submerged in a grave slumber. It happens only moments after the soothing rays of the sun penetrates my blinds and touches me on my forehead. You ask why? It's because I'm a complex man. Sometimes I wonder why my biological time clock is set to sync with the rising of the morning sun? I don't really know why but if I had to guess, I would say it's because I'm complex.


Now awake,

I gracefully swing my dormant feet from the bed's serenity, onto the cold wooden floor, because I know that the day awaits my presence, for I must manage the infinite pressures and intolerance of the world. I challenge the current animation of reality using my right brain, skillfully to invite a romantic promise of a greater tomorrow free of all strife and despair. That's what I use my right brain for, but I also simultaneously use my left brain intricately, to desperately remove and heal the unmentionable atrocities of yesterday's past. I would say that the future is quite complicated, somewhat like myself of course.


Now fully dressed,

I glance intently in the mirror at the formally dressed, handsome man for presentational flaws and eyesores. The magnitude of my character is way too precious and valuable for it to be compromised and defeated by the naive simplicity of my outer appearance. This unfathomable mistake can not occur for a man of my eloquence. NOT ON MY WATCH! For which I recently bought the most featured equipped watch of it's class when ironically I just needed a simple watch to measure the time of the day. I acquired it because it was compelling, intriguing, captivating, and elaborate. I really got it because it was an reflection of myself, complex.


Before I leave,

I brush the opulence of waves coursing northward down my scalp and take a breath mint for the travel. I set the alarm for my domicile, as well as the temp on thermostat located on the kitchen wall. Feeling collected, I look down at my overly expensive watch and realize that it is now time for me to leave and save the world once again. It is time for me to go fulfill my daily routine and observe the life, sights, activities, cultures, and the abyss that surrounds the seat of my park bench. I, and I alone must capture these vibrant experiences and translate them onto my open canvas using divine brush strokes guided by the heavens above. If you were to ask me why, I would respond back and say, “It's because I am a complex man.”


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