I have learned the art of compassion.

“But how is this so?”

The common question of many fellows.

Well I learned like this:

Through the basics!


A list can go on and on.

Though here is something short,

and something to ponder:


Don’t just sit like a bump on a log.


Be productive.


For the chatterboxes, make conversation with the person next to you.


Watch out for your elders.


Sit with someone new.


Break out of that hot and humid shell. That’s for hibernating.


Volunteer. It’s good for ya.


Go somewhere different.


I think you get it.

Although there’s no fretting,

or sweating.

It’s never too late to start.

Just make sure that you have a part,

in a community.

In a city.

In a neighborhood.

In a person’s life.


My hope is that I answered that question.

Of how it’s possible for me to have the art

of compassion down.

Though people feel like they’re about to drown,

but don’t worry. Keep a positive head.

It helps keep you, in that compassionate trend.

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